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Adobe Lightroom
e-learning course

What is in the course?

IIn this 3 part series we will learn how to seup Lighroom, manage catalogues of photographs and of course retouch and edit images. 

Course 1, covers the setup and install of Lightroom, and how to import images. Its also completeley free, just press the link below.


Course  2, covers the library module where we sort, search and manage our images. Its free for members, just press follow the free links below to gain access.

Course 3, covers the develop module, where we will learn to edit, retouch and export our images.

Free Training Resources

Press the paperclip icon below to download a free folder of images to use in the e-learning course. When it has finished downloading, navigate to your downloads folder and then simply right-click and unzip. 

Download Free Images

  • Library Module

    Free Plan
    • Sort Images
    • Search Library
    • Manage Photos
    • Rate, Rank, Flag and and Tag Photos