Do you own a digital camera and want to learn How to take better photos, In Just 2 hours?

Great, because that is all you need to attend one of my classes!


In just two hours, I will teach you how to use your digital camera right from the very beginning. My walk-along workshops are aimed at beginner photographers who want to learn to take pictures, in a friendly no-pressure lesson!



Who is This For?:

Anyone and everyone is welcome. The workshop is primarily aimed at beginner photographers, although I will always try to teach old dogs a new trick or two!



How the Lessons Work:

My policy is very simple, no question goes un-answered. We work at nice slow pace, starting with the absolute basics and working our way up from there! You will learn to use your camera in manual mode and also learn some composition tricks along the way.



How Many People on Each Lesson?

We work on a maximum of 6 people, meaning everyone can learn at their own pace and get all the attention they need!



Where about can I Learn?

I arrange every lesson on an individual basis. I usually work within Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, and lessons are always held at public parks or National Trust properties.


What do I need to Bring?

A digital camera, a positive attitude and a big list of questions.

DE - Saville Garden Walk - 2018 Oct 28-9
DE - Winkworth - Sarah - Jan 2019-9701
Photo Walk -Henley (5 of 8)
Photo Walk -Henley (4 of 8)
Photo Walk -Henley (2 of 8)
DE - Winkworth-6869
DE - Virginia WAter Jan 2018 (3 of 11)
DE - Virginia WAter Jan 2018 (2 of 11)
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DE - Virginia WAter Jan 2018 (11 of 11)
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DE - -140359
DE - -140422

Who Will Be My Teacher?

I will! I have been teaching photography for 3 years now, and I will be there to answer any question you can throw at me!

Want to book in a lesson?

Drop me an email at:

2 hr  Beginner Photography Lesson

Private Lesson: £70pp

Group Class: £45pp

2 hr Intermediate Photography Lesson

Want to book in a lesson?

Drop me an email at:

Private Lesson: £70pp

Lightroom for Beginners

1hr Online Lesson: £25pp

Want to book in a lesson?

Drop me an email at:

Get In Touch

Thank you for spending time and stopping by. I love to keep in contact with new and existing students. Feel free to send me an email or text if you have any questions. 

What I Do

I am a photographer, photography teacher and blogger based in Reading, UK. I teach small intimate group lessons aimed at beginners and hobbyists in the Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire areas. My walks are friendly, laid-back and open, perfect for anyone getting into, or looking at improving their photography. 

MOB: 07889 180081
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Photo Walk -Henley (2 of 8)