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Doing some scouting up at Bells Rapids

Had a little stroll up to bells rapids with the girlfriend last well. Its so gorgeous up there this time of year, and what with all the rainfall recently, the rapids are living up to their name! I was only shooting handheld on the day, so no tripod or ND filters for me, but it was a great chance to scout out some shots.

On the day the sun was shining overhead and casting some serious harsh shadows over the trees and rocks, so I thought I would practice some bracketing and and panorama stitching. The shots above are made up of 9 shots each. Each panorama section was taken 3 time, once with correct exposure, then one stop over and one under and merged in lightroom. After that the merges were combined into the panoramas!

Bracketing really helped pull out some of that shadow detail and balance out the exposure.

I think it worked out nicely, although next time it will be fun bringing out the ND filters and seeing what we can do with the fast flowing water over the rocks. Also I think I will try and head down a little earlier next time when the sun is a little bit lower in the horizon.

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