Trigg Beach

Had an wonderful afternoon shooting down at Trigg Beach. I had a lot of fun trying out one long exposure shots, trying to get some soft waves breaking against the beach as a sort of abstract shot, I was only using 3 stop ND filter so as not to go blur out the water to far. I;m really happy with how it turned out in the end, I think its going to look lovely as a print hung up in someones beach house. As I was packing up to leave I noticed another group of photographers standing on some rocks silhouetted against the setting sun. After a quick scramble to get my camera out I managed to fire off a few snaps and they ended up being some of my favorite from the whole afternoon. Sometimes you get great shots just making it up as you go along!!! Really looking forward to printing some of these out!

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I am a photographer, photography teacher and blogger based in Reading, UK. I teach small intimate group lessons aimed at beginners and hobbyists in the Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire areas. My walks are friendly, laid-back and open, perfect for anyone getting into, or looking at improving their photography. 

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