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Weekend away in Dunsborough

Sometimes you get lucky and have perfect weather, other times it rains....... all day. I went away with the girlfriend for a weekend trip away from the noise and business of the city with every intention of spending my time walking around the gorgeous sights of South West Australia. SADLY due to weather restrictions we ended up having to bounce around the wineries, cheese shops and chocolate factories (its a hard life) and try and stay dry. Fortunately I had a around 2 hours of sunshine on Saturday morning, and 30 mins on Sunday afternoon, and I managed to fire off a couple of shots in that little window of time. I'm very happy with how they came out, and I think they will make excellent prints. Looks like a camping trip down to Yallingup is in order, hopefully get some sunrise/ sunset shots over Smiths Beach. Also, I need a sturdier tripod, my lovely little portable one is just a bit to shaky in the wind!

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