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A Weekend Away in the Sterling Ranges

Wow. What an incredible weekend, where to even start. Firstly, I love it when the weather forecast is wrong. What was supposed to be a rainy/ cloudy weekend ended up being perfect sunshine and wispy clouds and a temperature in the mid-high 20s, oh and perfect cloudless starry nights. This was my second trip to the lily (website link below) and it was just as fun and relaxing as the first. A full weekend, with a great group of friends, hiking in the Sterling Ranges of WA. With excellent home cooked food and (possibly a bit to much) excellent wine! I managed to have a go at some early morning sunrise shots, and my first ever attempt at photographing the milky way. I'm happy with how the shots came out and also learned a lot in the process, certainly a lot of patience and is required, also a good tripod and a cable release. The 30s standard exposure length on the camera is only just enough, could do with a minute or more next time I think.

Anyway, I hope you like the pictures, I'm every happy with how they came out, and website line to the lily is below for anyone wanting to make the 4 hr drive from Perth.

Website Link:

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