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Budget Photographer - My Travel Photography Equipment List

How much do you think you need to spend to be able to take a photo like this?

How about this?

Photography CAN be an expensive hobby, and the big camera companies Nikon, Cannon want you to believe that the key to being a great photographer, is buying the newest most expensive gear. But that simply is not true. When thinking about which starter camera to get, the biggest and fanciest camera is not needed to take stunning photos!!

Yes the D810 is probably one of the best full frame cameras ever made. But 99% of photographers will never ever need it!

Both of the images above have been taken using kit costing a little over £1000. Let me walk you through my go-to load out for travel photography.....

A quick disclaimer here. Below I have listed the exact gear I use. I have also said whether I bought it second hand or new at the time. I have used amazon to try and find a reasonable estimation of the item both new and second hand when possible. Also the prices here are as of 2018. Also prices are in GBP, so may vary slightly region to region.

Ok here goes

Camera Body - Nikon D7100 (bought second hand)

Price New: £600 (Amazon)

Price Second Hand: £400 (Amazon)

Lens - Sigma 18-300mm DC Macro (bought new)

Price New: £369 (Amazon)

Price Second Hand: £287 (Amazon)

Camera Bag - Vanguard Havana 33 (received as a gift) Price New: £49 (Amazon)

Price Second Hand: Couldn't find one second hand

Tripod - (Ok this one is a bit obscure) - Weifeng WT-3011 (received as a gift)

Price New: £30ish

Although any super lightweight tripod (Under 2.5kg) would substitute just fine

Filters - Hoya 77mm Circular ND Filter (Bought New)

Price New: £42 (Amazon)

Filters - Hoya 77mm Circular 10stop ND (Bought New)

Price New: £63 (Amazon)

And then I suppose I have a couple of extra memory cards. You can get these at ANY camera shop easy enough. They are not expensive and are coming down in price all the time.

Price New: £12ish for a 32Gb (Amazon)

If you are thinking about starting up in photography, or want some advice before buying, comment below or send me an email and I will be more than happy to help you where I can!

Until next time


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