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Course Assignment 1 - Food photography and how to guide.

A little on the settings and hardware here. For lighting i'm using my mobile phone on torch mode, and a novelty wardrobe light that my girlfriend bought me, so super duper budget. On from there its a Nikonn D7100, Nikkor 35mm prime F1.8 lens at F.18, and a gorilla stand tripod. The lens is set to F.2 in order to create a shallow depth of field and blur the background of the image.

And here is the image straight out of the camera in RAW format. Raw is sort of like a digital negative, so the camera applies no post processing at all to the image. As a result they tend to look fairly flat and dull, but within the image is a huge amount of stored detail on colour, lighting and contrast, which allows the photographer to edit the image on a program such as lightroom or Photoshop.

Aaaaand voila! A little touch here and there and the final product, turned out looking VERY tasty if I do say so myself. The important thing when editing a shot like this is to try and keep the colour as accurate as possible, which means first of all getting your white balance spot on. Then its important to highlight the subject. In this shot that is done in two ways, firstly, reducing the saturation around the edges of the image, and secondly reducing brightness around the edge of the image.

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