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My Wild Camping Essential Kit List (UK)

Wild Camping or Free Camping, is where you pitch up your tent..... The exact rules regarding where you can and can't free camp differ country to country, but there are a couple of very hard rules that everyone should follow!

- Leave your campsite exactly how you found it

- Don't light any fires

- Stay out of peoples way and don't bother anyone. Keep out of eyesight, ideally on high ground

- Pick up and go early

- Don't tresspass

Ok so now that is out the way. I have tried to put together below a basic inventory/ checklist for you to follow if you are looking at planning a free camp trip.

The aim of the game here is to be as lightweight as you possibly can, only packing the absolute essentials.

I have also added my personal picks for some of these items which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Basics: - Sleeping bag (Check your sleeping bag's minimum temperature guide before you go. Don't be out there in winter with a 1 season summer bag!)

- Hiking Bag - Tent (Something very lightweight, under 3Kg is ideal) - Roll Matt - Head Torch - Knife - Camelback


Cooking: - Cooking Stove - Gas for Cooking Stove

Cooking set of a tin to boil water in - Spork - Tupperware - Water Bottle

- Something to Eat. (See My article HERE for some advice on this topic)

Clothing: Ok so this one requires a little bit of common sense based on the season in which you will be camping. Remember though, even in summer it can get cold at night! Especially if you are at altitude.


Make sure to wear of lightweight clothing. Wickable fabrics such as sports shirts are much better than pure cotton which will absorb sweat and can get very gross!

Dont forget that even in the UK, prolonged periods of time outside you can get sunburn, so a long sleved shirt may be a good idea.

A jumper for night time


- Thermal Underwear

- Warm hat

- Gloves

Toiletries: - Sunscreen - Loo Roll - Toothpaste/ Brush

- Hand Sanitizer

For Photographers:

- Camera

- Tripod

And below are a selection of items that I personally use and recommend.

My Bag - Osprey Kestral 68

My Tent - Vango Banshee 2

My Sleeping Bag (3 Season) - Vango Latitude 300

My Head Torch - Petzl Tikka

My Cooking Stove - MSR WindBurner

Thanks again for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or email me. I love camping and outdoor gear, so if you have any suggestions of brands or gear I would love to hear them!


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