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Beautiful Photography From The Gower Peninsula

Updated: May 17, 2022

I write a lot of blog posts about well planned out photo shoots where I find photo locations and keep them in the back of my mind for weeks or potentially months. Sometimes, though you need to be more spontaneous and just take shots when you can. Not every photo session can be well planned out and taken at the perfect time such as golden hour or blue hour.

Rhossili Beach View 1/125 F9.0 ISO100

This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the day in The Gower Peninsula just southwest of Swansea in South Wales. It was a short weekend break with the family and not a trip where I would be able to head out for a few hours at sunrise or sunset. On the advice of the lovely Airbnb owner my family decided to visit Rhosili Beach which sits right on the Western extent of the peninsula.

Visiting Rhosili is very easy with a large National Trust car park available on the south end of the beach with stunning views overlooking the beach. Visitors can take a short walk along the cliffside which gives views all the way along the coastline for miles.

Despite photographing at mid-day with the sun directly overhead I am very pleased with the photographs. Although the rule that "good light is king" always stands. Sometimes a stunning view can more than make up for it!

Rhossili Beach Wild Flowers 1/50 F16.0 ISO100

If you are ever in this beautiful part of the world and looking for a day out, Rhosili beach should be on your to-do list!

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