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Beginners Photography Lesson - Online

I've been working on something very exciting over the last few months.

If you are reading this, you have likely either been on one of my courses, or at some point thought about!

Learning photography can be a long journey, and sometimes we all need a little refresher. I have been working with a video production company to make my Beginners Photography course into an online e-learning course.

This course contains 10, easy to digest short lessons working from turning the camera on, to taking manually exposed images! Each lesson with easy to follow exercises at the end.

The videos will be accessible to subscribers online via computer or mobile at any time! So you can always check back in for a reminder, even when out in the field.

It will be released on my website in the next fortnight to stay tuned. And, I'm giving every subscriber on my email list a 50% off as a thank you! That means unlimited access will be only £17.50!

Want more into? Check out my Intro video below.

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