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A Podcast All About Photography!

Hello everyone.

As a subscriber to this blog and website, I have a suspicion that you are probably either a keen photographer or someone who may be described as an enthusiastic hobbyist. And, if either of those things describes you, then you may want to check out the most recent episode of my weekly podcast that I run with my friend Lisa. Each week we talk about hobbies, and in this episode, we talk all about Photography! If you have a daily commute or want something to listen to on a lunch break, this should be perfect for you!

And yes, we are using an ironing board in place of a table.

You can listen for FREE using the link below

Or if you already use Spotify you can find us using the link below:

If you have a question or that you would like answered in our next episode or would like to write us a letter to be read live, just send me an email through the Contact page on my website.


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