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Its all About Timing!

Three years ago I discovered a gorgeous little photography spot in the heart of Hampshire called Longstock Eel Traps. I think I found it through a photography magazine I was reading at the time. On one particularly cold February morning in 2019 I decided to drive down to see if I could get myself a nice shot, and although the weather was pretty interesting. I just have never been particularly happy with the photograph. The lighting on the day was just a little bit harsh and the sky is a little bit too clear. It lead to a photo that is a bit.... contrasty. And by that, I mean harsh shadows and hard lighting.

Landscape photography has these types of setbacks. Sometimes you get to a location, and things just don't line up for whatever reason. I decided I would add it to my "come back later" list and go back another day when the weather looked a bit more promising.

Well fortunately this weekend was that day. It was pouring rain in the morning but by about mid-day, everything had cleared up and the autumn sun was looking like it would give a really beautiful sunset.

The sun sets behind the viewpoint that these images were taken from. So the sun would only be in-frame during sunrise. During sunset, however, this means that the clouds behind the hut are illuminated in mauve and pink giving a lovely soft image with loads of contrast.

Whilst I was lining up a shot, there was the most bizarre and sudden flash of rain only lasting around 5 minutes. I hid under a tree but as the rain cleared, a rainbow popped out. This was one of those moments when I didn't have time to set up a camera on the tripod and take a long exposure, as the rainbow would likely not last. I had to quickly get my exposure and fire off a couple of shots. The rainbow lasted perhaps 1-2 minutes, but I am so pleased with the image.

Its not the most technically perfect shot, and it's not necessarily framed perfectly but I love this for one big reason, and that's that I may be only one of a handful of people with this weather effect and this scene. I always tell students that the most satisfying landscape pictures are ones where you have a great scene with really unique or interesting lighting. This for me ticks both those boxes!!

Anyway short little Sunday post from me!



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